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    All recruitment agencies are divided into recruitment agencies (recruitment) and employment agencies. The fundamental difference between the two is, the first of them are engaged in search and selection of candidates for vacancies companies, and, Accordingly,, the services of these agencies pay for employers. The second type of agencies engaged in finding jobs for specific individuals, who pays for these services.

    Advantages of working with candidates, recruitment agencies are, that usually, These agencies work with large, major companies and implement selection key will be inserted with competitive conditions and pay. But to qualify they quite difficult, In addition to education and experience the work of recruiters evaluate skill level, Professional and personal qualities of candidates.

    With employment agencies should be cautious, because in this area sometimes there are scammers. First of all, It should be remembered, that activities to promote employment of individuals subject to licensing. As a rule, recruitment agencies charge a fee per person, job-seeker into his employment with the first wage, and not when you first visit.

    Here we provide a list of those staffing the regional and federal recruitment agencies, which for many years operated in the Tyumen region and credible.

    Address: St. Tsiolkovsky, 1, UF. 155
    Phone: (3452)75-21-68, 75-21-47
    E. mail: kom_avantazh@bk.ru

    Address: St. Pervomayskaya, 21 UF. 306
    Phone: (3452) 390-360
    E. mail: tyumen@ancor.ru

    Youth labour exchange 
    Phone: (3452) 75-97-17
    E. mail: brokhes@tyumen.ru

    Address: Of the Republic of 252, 6., 306.
    Phone: (3452)490681
    E. mail: koordinata@yandex.ru

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