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  • The quality management system

    The quality management system is introduced into an officially University 2006 g. with a view to improving the quality of educational services and research activities, provided by the FEDERAL STATE in the Tyumen industrial University», as well as the revitalization of the, aimed at attracting attention to quality.

    Представителем высшего руководства по качеству назначен проректор по образовательной деятельности Ефремова В. In.

    The Office work of the quality management system of university education quality monitoring division of quality management.

    The basic directions of activity of the Division within the quality management system:

    • document management quality management system;
    • the internal audit process management;
    • process control monitoring customer satisfaction;
    • managing organizational and methodological work in the field of quality management system;
    • Organization and coordination of the activities of the University when passing audits of quality management system and other.

    The quality management system of the FEDERAL STATE in "August" in 2006 g. Certified for compliance with the MS ISO 9001 and national standard GOST r 9001 certification authority- OOO "Test-St.petersburg". The latest recertification passed in 2014 g.

    The quality management system of the FEDERAL TjumGASU SEI HPE «the» in 2009 g. Certified for compliance with the MS ISO 9001:2008 and national standard GOST R ISO 9001-2008 certification body-ANO «NQA-Russia "Njeshjenl Quality Jeshujerjens-Rasha".

    FEDERAL STATE in August "and" RUSSIAN SEI HPE «TjumGASU» successfully participated in the contest of Rosobrnadzor "quality system training of graduates of educational institutions of higher education. The result of the participation in 2012 g. was the acquisition of diplomas of the contest winners Tsogu and TûmGASU.