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  • Glorious history page

    His genealogy Tyumen State oil and gas University leads from educational and counseling item of Ural Polytechnic Institute, opened in Tyumen in 1956 year.

    PPD is located in one of the most beautiful buildings in Tyumen – machine-building technical school. The head of the UKP was appointed Fedor Guryev, Executive Secretary of the regional society for the dissemination of political and scientific knowledge.

    He played a crucial role not only in the creation of PPD, but in preparation for the opening of PPD-based technical college. Fedor Ivanovich in a relatively short period of time managed to organize a set of students in engineering, energy and construction, take measures to strengthen educational and laboratory facilities.

    Motion Gurieva F. And. the Regional Committee of the party, Regional Executive Committee, The Council of national economy to convert the PPD in engineering, and then Institute have accelerated a decision on opening Armenian Technical University. The Government decision in 1963 year is created in Tyumen industrial Institute. Order of the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the RSFSR, the entire contingent of students (750 man), as well as teaching staff and employees passed Tûmenskomu industrial Institute (TII).

    The first Rector of the "Hindu" is assigned Anatoliy Kosuhin, formerly an Assistant Professor of Ural Polytechnic Institute. About it quite a lot said and written, will perpetuate the memory of.

    Anatoly Nikolayevich had high professional qualities, organizational skills. Let's put it this way:, without his punchy force hardly held Institute. Kosuhin A. N.. consistently sought the support and attention to the University by the party, Soviet and economic bodies. Already in the first decade of the (1964-1974 Gg.) He managed to form a scientific and teaching staff, training on 11 specialities at faculties: neftegazopromyslovom, mechanical, exploration, chemical-technological, Electromechanical, transport, evening and correspondence, Open the PPD in Surgut.

    The number of students grew up with 750 people in the 1964 g. up to 8 th. 955 people in the 1974 g. With the support of the party organs and Kosuhin. making the selection 150 apartments for faculty, building student hostels, the second academic building. When it mounted the educational television Centre and began broadcasting for correspondent students. Set up student research center (UCN), the likes of which has not been. SNTS value was, He took an active part in the development of complex scientific problems, related to the exploration and development of oil and gas fields in the Tyumen region. UCN received a high award – became a laureate of the Lenin Komsomol Prize.

    In 1973 year Rector of TII becomes Victor Kopylov. He – one of the first, who came to Tyumen on the invitation of Anatoly Nikolaevich Kosuhina. The TII Victor E. passed all stages of career development: Associate Professor, Professor, Head of drilling oil and gas wells, Dean of the Faculty of oil and gas, the Pro-Rector on scientific work. As the Rector of the, He paid particular attention to the recruitment of scientific and pedagogical staff. In the mid 70-ies in the TII worked 30 doctors of science, professors, about 200 candidates of science, associate professors. This is quite a lot in those days. Highly skilled teachers gave lectures to students, scientists: AND IN. Lebedev (the first Professor of TII), AND. ... Karyagin, N. M. Olenev-Bogdanov, IN THE.. ERMAKOV, R. W. Magaril, ND. Tûteva, VP. Revyakin, L. F.. Dementyev, D. Saratovkin, L.. REZNIK, (E).. Leontiev, IN F.. Novikov, F. A.. Selivanov, etc. They were the organizers of the scientific schools and directions. Research on critical programme on integrated studies and natural resources of the West Siberian region.

    In the late 70 's, the results 40 scientific developments were introduced with great economic effect. In Kopylove V. E.. further promoted educational tv.

    In 1980 g. at the international exhibition in Moscow "Telecine-mechanics, 80"for the exhibit" small closed system of educational television "TII was awarded the diploma of Chamber of Commerce and industry of the USSR. Experience industry Institute on the use of television in education process in detail from the Star City cosmonauts were studied and used in their practice.

    A notable event in the life of the University is establishing international links. In 1978 g. for the first time in the profit MAKING 24 people from friendly countries – Mongolia and Bulgaria.

    In 80-IES, the country began a "rebuilding". It did not pass by and the higher school. Decreased intake of students in technical institutes of higher education in connection with the closing of many industrial enterprises. Not in demand were graduates. In this challenging time Rector of the Institute shall be appointed by the Kanalin In.,., a prominent scientist in the field of geology.

    It is a large-scale program for development of University. In her training was attended by qualified specialists of the Institute and. The program has found support in the Ministry of higher and secondary special education of the RSFSR. It was about building a whole educational-scientific and production complex with high-rise construction, residential buildings for the Faculty and staff of the Institute, student hostels, educational test sites, etc.. But a planned Kanalinu in g.. failed. At that time, the sponsoring company turned away from the Institute, in order to keep afloat. There was no real support from the regional authorities. The lack of unity in the community.

    In 1990 year the Rector becomes Nikolay Karnauhov, doctor of technical sciences, Professor. No exaggeration to say, most merit, the University has experienced a hard time adjustment, gained strength and became one of the largest higher educational institutions in Russia. Nikolai Nikolaevich managed to establish business, partnerships with major oil companies, industrial enterprises, SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH INSTITUTE, increased international cooperation, a brand new programme of development of the University for a long period.

    In 1994 g. in the life of a significant event occurred. TII has received the status of the Tyumen State oil and gas University.
    In the year of the 50-year anniversary at the University enrolled approximately 50 thousands of people on almost 650 postsecondary (considering graduate school, doctoral studies, professional development, workers and other profiles). Over the past half century, the University released about 75 thousands of professionals, made by the oil and gas industry, leaders, businessmen, oil and gas pipeline construction, scientists, teachers.

    Thus, 1994-2006 Gg. – important period of formation and development of University in the new socio-economic conditions. Modernising and developing material and technical base, improving the structure of core training, Navigate to the multi-level vocational education; in the educational process uses innovative technology; intensified educational activities with students.

    31 March 2010 Professor of the year Vladimir Novoselov the Conference scientific and teaching staff and students of the University elected as the new Rector of Tsogu. Order approving Vladimir Vasilyevich Chief University signed head of federal agency of education Mykola Bulaevym 2 April. The Rector, doctor of technical sciences, Professor Vladimir Novosyolov approved before 5 April 2015 of the year.

    “Continuity and change, Here's two words, become a leitmotif development Tsogu”, – told Vladimir Novoselov. Continuity, as the preservation of traditions of the University, the quality of education, productive scientific activities. Changes, as the need to follow the external challenges of the institution.