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  • Yury K. Shafranik

    Press portrait

    Yury K. Shafranik – indigenous Siberian. Born 27 February 1952 year in with. Karasul′ (Ishimsky district of the Tyumen region) in a peasant family. Russian.

    He graduated from the two faculties of the Tyumen industrial Institute. In 1974 year majoring in electrical engineer on automation and Automatics "and 1980 year (in absentia) on a speciality "mining engineer technology and complex mechanization of oil and gas fields. Doctor of economic sciences (2006 г.)

    Professional way oilman has gone from a locksmith on fishing to fuel and Energy Minister of Russia. Working on engineering positions have always attached great importance to the Organization of production, new methods of work, best practices.

    With 1974 years worked at the enterprises of the production association "Nizhnevartovskneftegaz" fitter-mechanic, engineer-technologist, Senior Engineer, Head of laboratory.

    In 1980 year ̶ since the first days of the new arrangement, Urievskoe, ̶ oil field works in "Urievneft". Initially, the head of central engineering and technological services, then the Chief Engineer, the head of OIL and GAS, and with the formation of the production association "Langepasneftegas" – its Director General (This position was occupied with 1987 on 1990 year).
    He worked at the Samotlor field, directly involved in the development and arrangement of Wang-Yeganskoe, Lokosovskogo, Pokamasovskogo, Streaming, Urievskoe oil fields in Western Siberia.

    14 April 1990 of the year, beating the alternative elections involving MI-8 candidates, He was elected Chairman of the Tyumen regional Soviet of people's deputies.

    On the initiative of Yu.. Mr. Shafranik Regional Council approved in December 1990 the year the concept of development of Tyumen region, in the basis of which was laid on the mechanism of introducing payment for subsoil use. However, the normative and legislative base in the country on this issue completely absent. In this connection the Yuri Konstantinovich addressed the RSFSR Supreme Council with the proposal on the need for the development and adoption of the law on subsoil». At the stage of preparation of the draft law was a member of the Working Group and actively worked in it.

    The duration of the process of preparation and adoption of the law and acute social problems areas forced Him to look for other ways to address the issues of payment for subsoil. By June 1991 the year was prepared, and in September 1991 the year the President of the Russian Federation signed Decree No. 122 "on development of the Tyumen region", in outlining strategic directions as ̶ introduction payment for subsoil use, creation of vertically-integrated companies, market mechanism of formation oil prices etc.. The Decree has had a significant impact on the socio-economic development of the region and further reform of the oil and gas industry.

    In September 1991 year n.. The RF Presidential Decree appointed head of administration (Governor) The Tyumen region. Given its complex administrative-territorial structure has made education the Administrative Council of the RF field, which included Heads of administrations and territorial councils of Tyumen region, Khanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenets autonomous okrugs. This enabled applications and successfully cooperate and develop all three subjects of the Federation.

    With the active participation of Yu.. Mr. Shafranik in 1992 year g. Tyumen was the first organizational meeting of oil producers Union of Russia.

    From January 1993 year ̶ Shafranik, Minister of fuel and energy of the Russian Federation.

    In 1993 g. YU.. Shafranik in direct alternative elections he was elected to the upper House of Parliament in Russia – The Federation Council of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation Senator from the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug.

    He was a member of the Federation Council Committee on economic reform, ownership and property relations.
    In 1993 ̶ 1995 years is the formation of entirely new structures for Russia ̶ vertically integrated companies in the petroleum industry. As fuel and Energy Minister Yu.. Mr. Shafranik is leading the formation of all structures, practicing with the Government of the Russian Federation and the authorities of the constituent entities of the Federation leaders composition of oil companies, preparation of relevant regulations. The main trends of structural transformations were formulated in the concept development of the oil industry in Russia, prepared by the Ministry on behalf of the Government of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION.

    YU.. Shafranik has headed the development of a concept, and then, and the preparation of the energy strategy of Russia, defining tasks, mechanisms and directions of ensuring the energy security of the country. He first raised the issue of energy diplomacy and substantiated and linked it with energy security. Together with the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yu to. Shafranik has organized and held a series of round tables on these issues, the result was two international consultative meetings "̶ ̶ Europe Russia: the strategy of energy security and energy security of the CIS ", ̶ held in 1995 and 1996 years.

    In 1993 year n.. Shafranik creates Moscow international oil Club, uniting the Presidents of Russian and international oil companies. With his active participation includes Russia in large-scale international projects, such, as the Caspian pipeline consortium (in which he was for many years Chairman of the Board of Directors), Sakhalin-1 and Sakhalin-2».

    Persevering work of Mr. Shafranik has secured the adoption of the law on production sharing agreements, that allowed to start realization of international projects Sakhalin-1 "Sakhalin-2".

    In 1993 year Yuri Konstantinovich initiated development programmes and restructuring the oil, coal and electric power industry, and also headed the creative working groups for each of the branches. The result were the preparation and submission to the Government of the Russian Federation closing unprofitable mines and mines with dangerous working conditions and creating the concept of the petroleum industry of Russia.

    YU.. Shafranik repeatedly substantiated and have consistently championed the idea of establishing a national oil company, Rod which was to become a GP, Rosneft. In his opinion, in Russia it is advisable to formation 5 ̶ 6 powerful oil companies. However, under the pressure of various forces, who acted within the Government and the presidential administration, and with the participation of influential regional leaders, the number of oil companies exceeded a dozen.

    Resignation of Mr. Shafranik summer 1996 the year was largely related to its special position with regard to the need to strengthen State regulation of FUEL and ENERGY COMPLEX, as well as the rejection of collateral auctions and high rate of privatization of the oil industry of Russia.

    From August 1996 on April 1997 year n.. Shafranik works Advisor to the Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation.

    In may 1996 as the representative of the Government, he was elected to the Board of Directors of OJSC «Tyumen oil company ", and since August, became its Chairman. During this period an active preparing to an investment competition for sale of shares of OAO "TNK". As a result of, in July 1997 year 40-percent stake in TNK was sold for a record for investment competitions amount 810 million United States. This turned out to be greater than the sum of, obtained for all investment competitions and collateral auctions, conducted prior to this.

    In 1997 year n. M. Luzhkov suggested Šafraniku to lead Central fuel company, which, even despite the known Russian economic and financial problems, in a short time, confidently occupied its niche in the regional wholesale market of petroleum products. Already on the results 1998 OJSC "central fuel company», on the evaluation of the expert magazine, among the 20 most efficient and profitable companies in Russia.

    Due to the differences in the approaches to the strategy of the further development of JSC «CFC» Shafranik in January 2001 the year is leaving the company along with the entire management team and is actively involved in the activities of Interstate oil company "Soyuzneftegaz", where in August 2000 years served as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and in September 2001 the 5th becomes Chairman of the Board.

    YU.. Mr. Shafranik is Chairman of the Supreme Council of the non-commercial partnership "Mountain People of Russia», the President of the Council of the Union of oil and gas in Russia, Member of the Presidium of the Academy of mining Sciences, Academy of technological Sciences, The International Academy of the fuel and energy complex. The Chairman of the Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Russia on energy strategy and development of the fuel and energy complex, President of the Foundation "world policy and resources», a member of the Board of Trustees of Mikhail Shemyakin.

    People, good knowledgeable Yu. To. Mr. Shafranik, Note his strong commitment to the achievement of the objectives. He has a broad public interests, closely monitors and analyzes the situation not only in the oil and gas industry, where he is a recognized expert of an ekstra-class, but also in the political and economic spheres. Possesses high workability.

    Keen on skiing, loves books and theater.

    Decorated with the orders of the friendship of peoples (1988 г.), Of honor (2000 г.), medals. The laureate of the premium of the Government of the Russian Federation (1999 г.) In 2002 the year is awarded by the Russian Orthodox Church order of the Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow, 2nd degree. Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated 15 March 2010 year n.. Šafraniku was awarded the title "honored worker of the oil and gas industry of the Russian Federation"..